Learn Dragon speech recognition in one day!

I help you make Dragon work for you!

Dragon end user
  • Make your dictation faster than typing
  • Become confident in using the speech recognition software
  • Learn how to best use Dragon in your specific application
  • Get relief from pain! Use your mouse and keyboard less

No more unnecessary struggles with speech recognition

A single day of your time. Just one day!

In 3 hours of private tuition I will bring you up to speed with Dagon. You’ll also be doing your own work with Dragon for another 3 hours, under my supervision.

The training is highly personalised, so you’ll learn exactly what you need to bring your use of the speech recogntion software to the next level.

What you will learn

It can be frustrating to learn a new skill. Your goal is to be more productive with Dragon. But before you reach that goal you inevitably get less productive, because you have to learn how to use Dragon to your advantage.

If you want to fast track your success with Dragon, this intensive training is for you!

After your training…

  1. You will be confident in dictating your Outlook or Gmail emails and your Word documents
  2. You will know how to optimise Dragon for best recognition results
  3. Dragon will know your custom vocabulary
  4. You will know how to use speech commands to control your computer and browse the Internet
  5. Depending on your needs and our speed of progress, there may be time for me to create up to 3 custom speech commands to make your computer life easier. For extensive custom command creation, I offer a different service.

This is how the program is set up:

  • 3 hours of individual tuition with me, Janneke den Draak
  • A handy set of new commands that Dragon doesn’t have out-of-the-box
  • 3 hours of supervised practice: you will be doing your regular computer work with Dragon in an online classroom, supervised by me. I’ll be there to help you along if you get stuck. Other students may be working alongside you, but you’ll have you private, virtual space.
  • 1 month trial access to the Learn Dragon Online Academy and a 20% discount on the subsequent fee for as long as you remain a member. 


Depending on your existing Dragon skills, it will look something like this:      

Setting you up for Success:

  1. Checking your gear
  2. Creating your individual user profile
  3. Importing commands (if applicable)
  4. Making sure you understand how Dragon works and what’s important to use it successfully
  5. Analysing a document for your specific vocabulary and writing style (if applicable)


  1. Guidance on how to dictate
  2. Adding words and phrases to the vocabulary
  3. Selecting, deleting and replacing text
  4. How to correct words
  5. Moving the cursor around in your document by voice

Command and control of the computer:

  1. Opening and closing applications and switching between them
  2. Clicking buttons and opening menus by voice
  3. Creating/sending/replying to e-mails (Outlook or Gmail)
  4. Browsing the internet by voice (Google Chrome or Internet Explorer)
  5. Other applications that you want to look at.

Yes, I need this!

Frequently asked questions

No problem, I hear you! Your time investment is one day (6 hrs).  However, we don’t have to schedule it all on the same day. Since I am in Europe and you are perhaps somewhere else in the world, it may even be impossible for us to find that long of a stretch of time that both of us are available.

So the work can be divided over two sessions, BUT both sessions must take place within a space of 2 calendar weeks.

Dragon in a Day promises to kickstart you speech recognition skills and that means there will be no dragging it out over time. After 14 days, any remaining time will be cancelled with NO refund to you.

If you cannot commit to this, please consider purchasing at my hourly rate.

There is a good chance that I can! I do enjoy custom work, so you’re in good hands.

The Dragon in a Day offering will probably not be the most fitting for that situation.

I offer custom command work here.

However, it would be best if we could discuss your specific needs. Please book a free discovery call. I’ll be happy to talk about this with you.

No worries, if this really is too much for your budget, you can join the Learn Dragon Online Academy.

For a much lower fee, you will get online courses on how to work with Dragon. There even is some free content to get started with Dragon!

In the Academy you have 24/7 access to the forum and the monthly live Q&A sessions. Much of what is covered in Dragon in a Day will be available to you in the Academy as well. 

But you’ll be missing out on some important features, two of which are incredibly valuable:

  1. My undivided attention for 3 hours
  2. Supervised practice sessions: you do your real work and get to ask questions if you get stuck with Dragon.

You will not have the incentive and ‘kick in the pants’ to get proficient in a very short timeframe. Dragon in a Day forces you to spend concentrated time on learning how to work with Dragon. This will kickstart you in your use of Dragon speech recognition software in a way that most people cannot accomplish with self-study.

That depends on several things.

Do you only need to do simple things with Dragon e.g. just dictation in Word? Or do you have lots of time and are you are smart with learning new computer software? 

If the tech side of using Dragon doesn’t scare you and if you absolutely LOVE figuring things out… then you probably don’t need my assistance. Hey, that was me over twenty years ago! I’m not against anyone going that road. 

However, if you felt confident you could figure it out yourself, you probably wouldn’t be reading this. So I’m guessing you see room for improvement and you feel that the help from an expert would be necessary.

By committing to the Dragon in a Day training program, you ensure that you’ll be bringing your performance with Dragon to the next level very quickly. In one marathon session – or two shorter sessions in a 2 week period – you’ll get personal instruction and practice.  

You’ll be spending money, but saving lots of time and frustration!

Please book a free discovery call if you have any remaining questions.

The Dragon in a Day service is for action takers. Honestly, if you are not sure if you can follow through, then don’t purchase it.

Other than that:

  • Up until 48 hours before the first appointment, you can cancel and get 90% refunded.
  • Up until 24 hours before your appointment you can reschedule.
  • After that, no rescheduling or refunds are offered.
  • The second appointment must be scheduled within 14 days of the first one, unless our mutual calendars cannot be reconciled. If the second appointment falls outside the 14 day window, you cannot reschedule it

Dragon in a Day is intended to get you up and running with Dragon quicklyFor more flexible arrangements, you can always choose to book me against my hourly rates.

Yes, I want this!