Learn Dragon speech recognition in one day!

Does Dragon speech recognition not work for you?

  • Your get poor recognition results
  • You get frustrated with using Dragon
  • You don't have time to figure everything out yourself
  • Your hands hurt because you can't use Dragon effectively

Do you want to easily use the microphone, and NOT the keyboard or mouse? 

Dragon end user
  •  Make your dictation faster than typing
  • Become confident in using the speech recognition software
  • Learn how to best use Dragon in your specific application
  • Get relief from pain! Use your mouse and keyboard less and less

I help you make Dragon work for you! Pronto! 

Invest a single day of your time. Just one day!

In several hours of private tuition I will bring you up to speed with Dagon. You'll also be doing your own work with Dragon, under my supervision.

The training is highly personalised, so you'll learn exactly what you need to bring your use of the speech recogntion software to the next level.

Dragon in a Day

Become higly effective with Dragon in just 8 hours

What you will learn

It can be frustrating to learn a new skill. Your goal is to be more productive with Dragon. But before you reach that goal you inevitably get less productive, because you have to learn how to use Dragon to your advantage.

If you want to fast track your success with Dragon, this intensive training is for you!

After your training…

  • You will be confident in dictating your Outlook or Gmail emails and your Word documents
  • You will know how to optimise Dragon for best recognition results
  • Dragon will know your custom vocabulary
  • You will know how to use speech commands to control your computer and browse the Internet
  • Depending on your needs and our speed of progress, there may be time for me to create custom speech commands to make your computer life easier.

100% customisable: If you need to learn different skills, don't hesitate to tell me. I can adapt the course content to match your needs.

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Frequently asked questions

What if I can’t schedule an entire day in my calendar?

Can you also teach me how to use application XYZ with Dragon?

What if this is too expensive for me?

Do I really need this?

Dragon in a Day

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