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Replay Live Q&A 22 July 2019

If your custom commands for Chrome stopped working recently.

Let's go!

Replay Q&A Challenge 8 January 2019

This is the replay of the Q&A belonging to the (re)START with Dragon Challenge I held in January 2019

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Replay Q&A 12 December 2018

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Replay Q&A 20 November 2018

Using your voice to open applications, click menus and buttons and move the mouse around. That’s what we talked about in this Q&A. There were...

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Replay Q&A 29 October 2018

Creating a custom command for Word, Clicking links by voice in GoogleChrome and more!

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Replay Q&A 2 October 2018

Bulk adding words to the vocabulary, accessing recent documents by voice (and despite testing stuff before the Q&A Dragon didn’t do what I want).  Watch...

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Replay Q&A 24 July 2018

All about Dragon's confusion with goats. How to make Dragon write a word if it always understands a different word.

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Replay Q&A 10 July 2018

Download and import some practical commands (shortened versions of 'mouse click' commands, keystroke commands and 'search the web for...')

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Replay Q&A 8 June 2018

All about sending emails by voice from Gmail (in Google Chrome) and Outlook. I also discuss what is important in the various settings to make this successful.

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Replay Q&A 23 May 2018

This Q&A is about creating a recording on your iPhone (or a dictation app on your Android phone) and then having Dragon transcribe it.

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